Why Most South Africans Are Turning To Solar Energy

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Why South Africans Are Turning To Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming very popular in South Africa. A United Nations publication supports this fact signifying a 2030 green energy projection at 8,400 megawatts.

Solar Energy in South Africa

A Rising Challenge

Electricity prices in South Africa are continuing to hike increasingly leading to the commodity becoming unaffordable to most South Africans. Moreover, Eskom, the country’s giant electricity producer and electricity supplier is entangled in debts of more than R420 billion and this only confirms the tough journey ahead as the company resorts to increasing prices to manage its debt.

The Crisis In South-Africa’s Electricity Sector

Recent developments in South Africa’s energy sector has seen the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) approve an additional electricity bill price increase of up-to 15.63% to both municipalities and Eskom subscribers – the largest electricity producer in South Africa that accounts for up to 95% of the country’s total power generated. As power users express their concerns on the rising power tariffs, these costs could be already breaking the bank among many consumers.

Eskom, The Country’s Giant Energy Company Seeking To Increase Electricity Prices

Eskom has already written to Nersa requesting for room to increase its electricity prices to overshadow the issues of load shedding. If this goes through, then, the consumer should prepare for a 10-15% price increases and a 50% tariff upsurge in the next couple of years.

Electricity Power Lines

Electricity Bills Could Double, Experts Warn

Ted Blom, an energy expert, has warned on the prospective 45% increase on current electricity energy tariff with high chances of electricity bills doubling in two years’ time.

This far, the hard nut to crack is finding the best alternative energy solutions and initiating appropriate measures to lower energy consumption.

South Africans Turning To Green Energy

As South Africans turn to solar energy as an alternative energy source for relief from the hefty electricity costs, it could also be the best time for you to consider the green energy.

The Rising Popularity Of Solar Energy In South Africa

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa is also supporting the idea of households and companies generating their own energy and this could solidify the narrative of going for solar energy.

Solar Energy Becoming Popular in South Africa

Why Embrace Solar Energy?

Going for green energy proves to be one of the most efficient means to combat the life-threatening climate change crisis. It is one of the strategies that South Africans are effecting to address climate change.

1.     The Cost Of Implementing Solar Energy Is Manageable

The World Economic Forum (WEF) classifies setting up solar systems as cost-effective compared to cost of installing standard electricity and most other alternative energy sources like fossil fuels and natural gas.

2.     Solar Is A Reliable Off-Grid Power Solution

Solar power banks with portable solar chargers have become a reliable power solution for people in areas lacking regular power grids. Innovations are bringing on board solar powered generators friendly to the environment without carbon dioxide emissions.

The benefits of solar are endless, the cost of solar installation affordable, and you have a pool of solar installers to have the job done.

3.     Solar Energy Supports Recycling

As solar panels come out of service, recycling plants can extract useful minerals like polymers, copper, silicon and parts like glass and aluminum that could be used for another purpose or even in the manufacture of refurbished or new solar panels.

4.     Powering Renewable Energy

No matter their abundance, pollutant fossil fuels are exhaustible – once extracted and used, that means no more power. Solar energy is the savior of the limited exhaustible energy sources. Nuclear engineers estimate that harnessing solar energy from 1% of the Sahara desert could power the entire world.

5.     Green Energy is Climate Friendly

Unlike the fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide in generating regular electricity ending up polluting the environment, solar energy does not produce environment contaminants. They are a clean and sustainable energy source producing electricity at molecular levels without carbon combustion.

What Next?

You now that you have a glimpse of what is happening in the energy sector and the need to secure a solar system for your personal or commercial use.

It is easy, you can acquire reliable solar system from the wide range of options our recommended suppliers offer.

What is more, you can share your needs and get the best advice on the solar system to acquire. The solar solutions come with solar installers and you will have every reason to bounce back to a stable and efficient energy grid.

Already have a solar system? Planning To Go Green Energy?

We have more for you – a series of detailed A-Z energy saving guides (see links below) to assist you get the most out of your solar energy electricity. They are easy-to read and implement for both newbies and seasoned users of solar energy systems.

The series of guides cover basic and essential energy-saving tips when using hot water, lighting, heating and cooling, electrical appliances, and outdoor.


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