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Solar Highlights from Around the World

Solar energy is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular renewable power sources. Countries from India to Korea are embracing this clean and future focused means of powering their communities – and the results are impressive. 

In this article we take you on a quick tour around the world and highlight some of the most interesting solar panel news making headlines on various continents. 

German Solar City
Source: The Logical Indian

Africa Solar News

Sustainable house using solar power turns heads in Cape Town

A group of South Africans has been featured in the international media after they built a fully sustainable house using solar power and renewable resources. 

The My Clean Green Home project incorporates an array of solar panels, water recycling, and materials that are sourced from renewable manufacturers. A small carbon footprint was generated in the building process thanks to low and no-waste construction techniques. 

This prototype development was constructed with the support of the City of Cape Town as a test case for 100% green building and renewable energy use in domestic dwellings. Solar energy plays a critical role in the sustainability of this house just as it can in any family home that goes fully or partially off grid. 

Asia Solar News

Fully solar powered school opens in Pondicheri, India

The south Indian province of Pondicheri has become the first in that country to host a fully solar powered educational institution

The Sri Aurobindo International Centre for Education recently completed its transformation to become a fully energy independent structure. The 45 kW of energy that the school produces each month provides three times the amount of power it uses in an average month. 

To achieve this green milestone the school used virtually its entire roof area to house a series of solar panels. The project, which has made solar news both in India and abroad, shows just how effective solar panel technology can be in providing affordable green energy for public facilities in developing countries. 

Cycling meets solar in Korea

Solar bike path in Korea
Solar Bike Park Korea. Source: Inhabitat

Using a bicycle to commute is a great way to reduce carbon emissions. Now a Korean region has taken its green friendly transportation to the next level by building a solar-powered bike lane.

The 32km stretch of road that connects the cities of Daejeon and Sejong has a solid lane of solar panels running down its center. Instead of the usual grass or concrete barrier between the lanes, this project utilizes unused space to house solar panels that generate electricity for the surrounding region and keep the bicycling lane illuminated at night. 

Europe Solar News

German cities use solar to achieve full energy autonomy

A newly built city in Germany’s Freiburg region has made headlines after the settlement installed solar panels on the roofs of its structures to attain full energy independence. 

What’s more, the project has gone beyond merely producing sufficient power to meet the needs of its inhabitants. The cities, built as part of the project, produce four times more power than they require and are able to contribute their surplus to the local power grid. 

If enough projects using solar in the world follow a similar model, the planet may be one step closer to achieving sustainable energy and reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. 

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