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JK Electrical

Jason Kyte

Jason Kyte

Jason has a vast knowledge when it comes to electrical work. After doing his apprenticeship straight out of school, he qualified as an installer electrician and built JK Electrical into a trusted and well regarded business in the industry. Moving into the solar game, Jason uses his knowledge and epic team to provide a top quality service to all his clients.

JK Electrical

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Hands On

This installer is extremely hands on with his clients and is onsite during the installation

Punctual Pro

This installer is on time 99.5% of the time.

Rockstar Team

Team work doesn't seem work with this installer and their team.

Expert Installer

This installer has completed more than 20 installs in a calendar year.

Top Rated

This installer has consistently received a rating of 4.5 or higher for his installations

Preferred Products

Driving technology for leading brands

Customers reviews

Jason and his team were a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy with the performance of the system as a whole
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Nigel Tennent
Blown away by the service and support of Jason and the team at Versofy. Amazing experience all round and would highly recommend them to anyone.
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Cameron Dunstan-Smith
Very impressed with the work done by Jason and his team. There was a minor issue with a fibre cable being broken but they handled everything and managed to log a call with Vuma and get it sorted. Great work.
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Adrian Slade

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