Replace 9 images in a whiteboard animation made on Videoscribe software

  • 3 years ago
  • Budget : 4000.00
  • Category : Animation
  • Contact By : Phone

I have a client who contracted a vendor to do a job and later needed changes to be made to the project, which was made with Videoscribe. The original vendor is no longer available, due to lack of capacity/availability, to make the required changes which involve replacing drawings for a section of the animation that is two minutes long. They had inserted rough proxy concept sketches for this section that needs to be updated.

The 9 new drawings have been made by the previous vendors and are available as svg files. They have also provided me with all the files used in the project, including a Videoscribe project, but haven't been able to open it as I don't have this software. I am aware that it is only $49 to license this software for 1 year but I am keen to outsource in order to get this done quickly and without having to spend time learning how to use the program.

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