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Solar Solutions

Solar Subscriptions​

Our Solar Subscriptions are hybrid solar PV systems that utilise solar panels, batteries and grid energy to run the household. During the day you will consume energy produced through your solar panels, saving your battery energy for night time consumption. Any excess energy produced during the day is used to charge your battery bank. The grid is there as a reliable backup to charge your batteries and power your home during times of excess consumption or reduced solar production on rainy or cloudy days. 

All of our packages are modular and you are therefore able to upgrade your system over time as your requirements evolve and your budget allows. 

Versofy GROW

Avg. elec bill R2000 - R3000 pm
R 3199 Monthly
  • 5kw Hybrid Inverter
  • 5kwh Battery bank
  • 14 - 18 kwh solar PV
  • Support & Maintenance

Versofy CHARGE

Avg. elec bill R3000 - R4000 pm
R 4499 Monthly
  • 8kw Hybrid Inverter
  • 10kwh Battery bank
  • 20 – 27 kwh/day solar PV
  • Support & Maintenance
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Versofy PLUS

Avg. elec bill R4000 - R5000 pm
R 5399 Monthly
  • 12kw 3 phase Hybrid Inverter
  • 10kwh Battery bank
  • 25 - 29 kwh/day solar PV
  • Support & Maintenance