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Unit 33, Northlands Deco Park, 80 Design Boulevard, Hoogland, Randburg, South Africa

010 30... 010 300 0710


Blockpower has a well-established track record in the renewable energy sector, with over 300 successful installations in the field across Southern Africa, we pride ourselves in being professional and saving our clients money. Blockpower is Smart, Simple, and Efficient. Johann will contact you to handle your enquiry.


  • Inverter Installation
  • Solar Off The Grid
  • Solar Grid Tied

Blockpower Pty Ltd Overview

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Number of Employees: 13
  • Website: View Website
  • Number of times hired on Versofy: 3
  • Versofy Member Since: 11-07-2019
  • Facebook
  • Bus Reg Number:2016/288505/07
  • Entity Type: PTY Ltd

3 reviews for Blockpower Pty Ltd

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Stan Spinks

Solar Grid Tied

Stan Spinks recommends Blockpower. August 16, 2019 · Excellent service, great people ,always there when you need them.

Johannesburg, South Africa

3 weeks ago

Sean Senior

Solar Grid Tied

Sean Senior 3 months ago- Excellent workmanship, great staff, very efficient and effective product.

Johannesburg, South Africa

1 year ago

Surika Green

Solar Grid Tied

Surika Green 10 months ago- Efficient service. What a pleasure!!

Johannesburg, South Africa

1 year ago

Choose Me not Them

.Blockpower offers very competitive pricing, we are here to provide our clients with solutions that work, and that save you money.

When it comes to investing into a solar system, its all about education! We sit down with our clients and go through everything in detail so that our clients understand what they are purchasing and so that we can meet their needs.


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