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  • Borehole Repair
  • Rain Water Harvesting
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  • Irrigation


Simply put, irrigation systems are more efficient than any other form of watering because they put the exact amount of water where it is needed. No more watering sidewalks or missing patches of green turf in your lawn. An irrigation system provides balance that a hand held hose or sprinkler cannot give, so make the switch today! Irrigation is necessary for the absorption of mineral nutrients by the plants from the soil. Thus, irrigation is essential for the general growth of the plants. Water supplies two essential elements hydrogen and oxygen to the crop.

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Mr Brachinini
2 months ago

Garden Service
Waterfall Estate, South Africa

Innocent is a wonderful provider. I have worked with him and his team on both my properties, as well as recommending him to my friends and family. He offers great quality and if you are looking for a system that will work and work properly, Innocent is your man.

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Keith .
2 months ago

Johannesburg, South Africa

Innocent has always provided me with great service. He offers great products and workmanship and has extremely good pricing compared to others in the market. His quality and punctuality are always great and has come on weekends to fix problems with no extra charge. I can not recommend him more highly

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Adrian .
2 months ago

Garden Service
Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been working with Innocent and his team for over 8 years. He has completed many different jobs in my garden including installation of sprinkler systems, replacing borehole pumps, redirection to the house for borehole lines. I have sometimes challenged his price points but he is always willing to justify it and have never had a problem with his service. I would highly recommend him to anyone

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