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PO BOX 15354 Emerald Hill 6011

041 37... 041 372 1117


STEYNS DRILLING is a privately owned company that specializes in professional drilling of boreholes. Our reputation is founded on experience and expertise of outstanding efficiency since 1987. Services include: 1) Rotary air-percussion drilling, Direct mud-rotary drilling, Odex drilling 2) Drilling of boreholes from 152mm to 165mm diameter up to 400 meters 3) Drilling of wide diameter boreholes up to 330mm 4) Professional installation of casing, screens and gravel-pack 5) Scientific yield test pumping 6) New pump installations 7) Removal and re-installation of pumps 8) Collection of water samples 9) Down-the-hole camera investigations 10) Geo technical drilling 11) Monitoring boreholes


  • Borehole Repair
  • Water Surveying & Borehole Yield Testing
  • Borehole Installation

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