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Universol Energy is a company which specialises in Alternative Energy Solutions for the domestic and business sector. The sun has powered the earth for billions of years, and here in Southern Africa we benefit from some of the brightest sunshine on the planet. We are now able to transform that daily gift of solar energy to run our 21st century conveniences. Technology is now delivering the dream – solar electricity at a cost that competes with traditional forms of power generation and energy storage technology that allows you to consume renewable energy at anytime. Our consultants and experts will undertake a comprehensive survey and needs analysis to best design your solution. The levelled cost of electricity over the lifetime of your solar generation plant is more cost effective than ESKOM. And, you get to keep the lights on when the grid fails! We demystify the jargon, make sure you understand the ins and outs of your project and we quantify exactly where and how your investment addresses the risks posed by an unreliable grid, how you hedge against price increases and what you will ultimately save. We want you to experience the joy of being independent of the grid.

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