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Glover Rd, Honeydew, Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Windy Willows is a wholesale growing nursery located in Honeydew, Johannesburg. A ten minute drive from the Northgate Shopping Centre, you can easily buy direct from the farm at wholesale prices. Members of the public are welcome. We propagate and stock over 200 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennial flowers, groundcovers, and grasses. In addition to plants we offer the following services: Landscaping design and installation Irrigation design and installation Rain water harvesting design and installation Compost, lawn dressing, fertilizer, and pest control products. Custom order of pots; ask to see our Pots Catalogue.


  • Rain Water Harvesting

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  • Year Founded: 1975
  • Number of Employees: 40
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  • Number of times hired on Versofy: 3
  • Versofy Member Since: 30-10-2019
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  • Bus Reg Number:1999/019502/07
  • Entity Type: PTY Ltd
  • BEE LEVEL: 4 Exempted Micro-Enterprise (EME)

3 reviews for Windy Williows Wholesale Nursery

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Rusticza Co


Rusticza 4 reviews · 5 photos a week ago- I recently used Windy Willows to implement a design that was done by another company, They not only advised on things they thought needed changing in the design, they designed and implemented an irrigation system for me. The installation and planting were done on time and professionally, I ended up with the garden I wanted at the price I needed it at. I haven't needed any follow up visits after the install, just some advice here and there, which they were happy to give. Would recommend them to friends and family!

Johannesburg, South Africa

8 months ago

Barbara Calvin

Rain Water Harvesting

barbara calvin 1 review 3 weeks ago- Windy Willows implemented a 10,000 litre rain water harvesting system at our house, connected to an irrigation system. The team was professional and polite. All went smoothly. I am so pleased we can now collect and store rain from our roof; I don't feel as guilty any more about maintaining a beautiful garden, and we have a backup supply of water in case the municipal mains are down. I would certainly recommend Windy Willows!

Johannesburg, South Africa

8 months ago

Louise Elizabeth Madderson


Louise Elizabeth Madderson recommends Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery. 16 October at 09:13 · My neighbours recently built a second story onto their house leaving my back garden and pool area fully exposed to their upstairs windows. At a reasonable price Windy Willows brought in and planted some instant four meter conifers that created a green curtain between my neighbours and my pool. What a blessing!

Johannesburg, South Africa

8 months ago

Choose Me not Them

If you are buying plants you are buying directly from the grower. If we are designing a new garden we only use professional landscapers and state of the art design programs. If we are installing an irrigation system or a rain water harvesting system we offer you peace of mind through our professional service; our many years in the industry and our call-out service if any problem emerges.

Professional landscapers employed to head up teams. All team members are full time Windy Willows staff and have undergone training in planting; soil preparation; tree felling; laying new grass; installing irrigation systems; and installing rain water harvesting systems.


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