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Simplifying the Solar process is

What We Do

At Versofy we want to make your transition to Solar as simple as possible. We will match you to one of our 150+ verified solar installers, provide you with affordable finance solutions and advise on the best products and technology in the market. 

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The Solar Effect

A Solar PV system installed on an average residential household has the same effect as:

Acres Of Trees Planted
Tons of Carbon Emissions Saved
Less Cars On The Road

Why Versofy?

Verified Installers

Find verified and vetted installers that will give you great service and peace of mind.

Affordable Finance

Choose from a variety of finance solutions for your installation. From Rental-to-own, Loans and PPA's

Tier One Equipment

We do our research and have preferred equipment that has been verified through our solar network.

Solar Rentals

Our Solar Rental products are hybrid solar PV systems that utilise solar panels, batteries and grid energy to run the household. During the day you will consume energy produced through your solar panels, saving your battery energy for night time consumption. Any excess energy produced during the day is used to charge your battery bank. The grid is there as a reliable backup to charge your batteries and power your home during times of excess consumption or reduced solar production on rainy or cloudy days. 

All of our packages are modular and you are therefore able to upgrade your system over time as your requirements evolve and your budget allows. 

Versofy Grow

Solar + Battery

Average daily consumption approx. 30kwh
Average electricity bill between R2000 - R3000 pm

rent from R2,126 pm

own your system after 60 months

*option to add additional batteries

  • 5kwh Battery
  • 12 x Solar Panels
  • 5kva Inverter
  • Support
  • Maintenance

Versofy Charge

Solar + Battery Plus

Average daily consumption approx. 40kwh Average electricity bill between R3000 - R4000 pm

rent from R2,315 pm

own your system after 60 months

*option to add additional batteries

  • 10kwh Battery
  • 12 x Solar Panels
  • 8kva Inverter
  • Support 
  • Maintenance

Versofy +

Custom Quote

Average daily consumption approx. 50kwh
Average electricity bill between R4000 - R5000 pm

rent from R3,759 pm

own your system after 60 months

*option to add additional batteries

  • 15kwh Battery
  • 12 x Solar Panels
  • 8kva Inverter
  • Support 
  • Maintenance

Start Saving

Installing a Solar solution will immediately reduce your electricity bill and start producing you savings. You can save upwards of 80% on your electricity bill.

We help you to optimise the system over a period of time so that you get the most out of the savings your solution produces.

So many reasons but

Why Solar?

At Versofy, we believe that clean, reliable energy should be available to all. Whether you are dipping your toes into the Solar market for the first time, or you are a seasoned professional, Versofy is here to help you every step of the way.

simplifying your
Transition to sustainability

Solar energy is the future, it’s affordable, it’s reliable, and most importantly, it’s clean! The benefits of Solar are vast. Read up on our articles below and see how you can benefit from solar today.

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