Outdoor Energy Saving Tips For Solar Energy

Outdoor Energy Saving Tips For Solar Energy

Swimming Pool

As the world explores more uses of solar energy, using solar-powered pool pumps is a rising outdoor solar energy use especially in South Africa. Pool pumps are directly involved in sustaining the circulation systems of swimming pools (and a big consumer of energy). Solar pool pumps pull the water from the pools and via a series of sequences return it back to the pool keeping the pool fresh.

Benefits Of Solar-Powered Pool Pumps

Like all other solar energy uses, using solar pool pumps can minimize the costs of using electricity, keep the pool water in a healthy circulation without over-reliance on the national electricity grid, and is also environmentally friendly.

Tips To Maximize On Solar Energy When Using Solar For Pool Pumps

Zero-Cost Outdoor Energy Saving Tips

  • Minimize the number of hours you run the pool pump.
  • Running the pump throughout the day is unnecessary resulting in consumption using approximately 11% more energy.
  • To save on energy you can run the pump for about 5 hours during the summer and for about 3 hours when winter sets in and your pool will still be in a good shape. You may add or subtract an hour here and there depending on the size of your pool.

Low-Budget Cost Saving Tips

  • Cleaning the pool pump filters frequently can keep your pump in good condition. 
  • Remove unwanted materials from the strainer basket with a wall brush or any other affordable tool.
  • Use a leaf skimmer to limit the amount of leaves entering the creepy system. 

Investments For Outdoor Energy Saving Tips

Roll Up Pool Cover by Designer Pool Cover

  • Acquire variable-speed pool pumps: Invest in an efficient and variable-speed pool pump using less energy. Ordinary pumps consume up to 1100 watts. Energy efficient models use up to 300 watts making them a better choice. Although their upfront cost is almost thrice and sometimes up to seven times the cost of an ordinary pump, the long-term benefits will outweigh the costs. Variable-speed pumps are calmer and tend to last longer than standard pool pumps.
  • Get a quality pool cover: Pool covers prevent foreign objects from falling into the pool keeping the pool cleaner for longer. It can also keep the pool water warmer during winter. Run the pool filter occasionally to remove any foreign objects that might have found their way into the pool water.

Final Thoughts

The uses of energy efficient pool pumps will see you minimize expenditures over time. You can also consider solar energy powered pool pumps from our list of verified suppliers for a quality pump. If you are yet to install a solar system, here is a list of solar installers that will keep you on the move.

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