The client is unable to cancel the rental agreement during the agreed term. They are able to elect to not renew the rental after the term whereby the installation will be removed from property subject to a removal fee being paid by the client.

You are able to transfer your rental agreement to your new property. You will be liable to the installer for the cost associated with removal and re-installation process. Your rental terms will remain the same.

Your installer is responsible for the maintenance of the system. They will conduct bi-annual inspections of the system to ensure it is running optimally. If you are not happy with the installer Versofy will provide you with an alternative installer to monitor and maintain your system.

You are able to transfer your rental agreement into the new owners name. There will be an administration fee of 3% and is subject to an escalation of 6.5% per annum. The transfer is further subject to the new owner signing the rental agreement on the same terms and conditions as agreed and concluded with the original client.

Yes, each product will be protected under a performance warranty

Yes, the interest rate is linked to the Prime lending rate. This means that your installment price will reduce/increase depending on the fluctuation of Prime.

Your installer will be your primary source of contact for any system-related issues. However, should the installer not be available you are able to contact the Versofy team who will deploy a team to assist you.

The optimisation and effectiveness of the system comes down to your consumption behavior. The installer will discuss your system requirements with you during the needs analysis phase of the process. One of the main advantages of solar is that it is built in a modular fashion. Meaning that you are able to add both panels and storage (batteries) to your system in order to fit your requirements.